How to Complain About Arriva Buses

How to Complain About Arriva Buses

Arriva is a public transport company which operates bus, coach, train, tram, and waterbus services in 14 European countries. In the UK, most areas will be familiar with the sight of turquoise Arriva buses. Their double-deckers are common in urban areas and inner-city routes. They also operate red double-deckers in London as part of Transport for London services. Arriva buses operate in Wales and throughout several regions in England. Ticket types, prices, and routes available depend on the region. Sometimes routes will change and there may be price increases across certain areas. Many people rely on Arriva buses to travel to work, school, or the shops as an important part of daily life. However, sometimes their services are not the best. This is how you can complain if Arriva buses let you down.

How to Make a Complaint to Arriva

On the surface, Arriva customer services might seem very accessible. You can call them between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Friday. The live chat on their website is supposedly open during those hours, too. You could write e-mails to or even letters to FREEPOST ANG7624, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 8BR. But what if you are on hold for too long, the live chat isn’t working, and you don’t receive any written response? You can try calling into the nearest Travel Shop to get answers from the customer services staff there. There is also a direct online contact form for complaints or compliments. The best option for speedier support is to find the Arriva social media pages for your region. If you leave public messages on these platforms, they usually respond within an hour.

Common Complaints About Arriva Buses

The more people complain about a particular issue, the more incentive the company has to do something about it. Push for the changes you want to see from Arriva if you think that their services are consistently disappointing. You can complain about ticket prices if they vary from bus to bus, or you think they are too high. Complain about lack of ticket flexibility if there is not a suitable short-term or long-term pass. You should report issues with the mobile app if you have problems getting Arriva m-tickets to work. Complain about facilities on the bus, or lack thereof, such as enough space, or Wifi and USB charging sockets which actually work. If the bus is unclean, pass on that feedback. Of course, the top complaint about Arriva buses is time-keeping. Buses are often late, don’t stop, or don’t show up.

How to Complain About Arriva Buses

How to Get a Refund for Arriva Tickets

If your complaint is about delayed services, or you were unable to use a pre-paid ticket due to a lack of service, you should be able to get a full or partial refund. Arriva won’t issue any refunds for circumstances outside their control, such as severe weather. However, if there are no outside influences causing buses to run late, they have no excuse. Even if you have a ticket which you just did not use, even partially, you could ask for a refund for that part. Refunds are at Arriva’s discretion and will depend on the particular situation. If you simply ordered the wrong ticket online, get in touch as soon as you realize. Arriva can cancel it and refund you so that you can purchase the right one. You will have to return the ticket if it was despatched. If you buy the wrong ticket on the bus, tell the driver immediately.

How to Report an Arriva Bus Driver

Some complaints about Arriva are regarding the behaviour of the bus driver. If you witness an Arriva bus driving dangerously, note the number and registration. Complain to Arriva if a driver was going too fast, turning recklessly, or endangering cyclists or pedestrians. Drivers could be rude and aggressive, or not wait for customers to sit down before driving away from a stop. If you are ever hurt or injured on an Arriva bus, speak to the driver but also contact customer services to report it yourself. The driver does not have to give you their name if you ask for it. Arriva bus drivers do not wear name or number badges. However, you can find the driver details on any printed ticket. If your bus driver actually delivers excellent customer service or handles a situation well, why not pass on a compliment?

How to Find Arriva Lost Property

It is up to you, the passenger, to look after any property you bring onto a bus. Bus drivers can allow or reject certain possessions at their discretion. For example, they may not allow someone with a bike or large pram to get onboard. Any luggage you bring, from handbags to suitcases, is your responsibility while you are on the bus. If you do forget something, or realize later that something was stolen from you during the bus journey, contact customer services. Provide as much detail as possible about the bus journey so they can investigate it. They will contact the relevant depot to find out if someone handed your lost item to a driver. If they do find it, you will have to collect it from the depot in person. If you do not hear back after 48 hours, it is unlikely that Arriva is able to recover your lost property.

What if Arriva Ignores My Complaints?

Have you been contacting Arriva on all platforms, to no avail? During busy periods, you might not be able to get through on the phone and it can take 10 working days to get a response to an e-mail. What if you sent multiple communications and received no reply? Or what if the reply you did get was not satisfactory at all? You may feel frustrated, under-valued, and unsure about what to do next. Well, you can turn to Bus Users UK for further support. They will take the complaint further for you. If they still can’t resolve your problem, they are partners with the Bus Appeals Body, who can issue a final decision. They mainly assist with mistreatment from drivers or buses running early or late. Unfortunately, Bus Users UK are unable to help with injury claims or issues with fares or timetables.