How to Change Your Netflix Payment Date

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Netflix is one of the world’s largest online streaming services. It is paid for monthly by direct debit, you can select different packages that cost different amounts of money and allow for different types of streaming. The three plans you can choose from are Basic, Standard and Premium. The basic plan costs £5.99, you cannot stream HD or Ultra HD, you can watch on one screen at one time, you can stream on your laptop, TV, phone or tablet, you have access to unlimited TV shows and films, you can cancel anytime and you get your first month free. The Standard plan offers everything the basic plan offers but you can stream in HD and you can watch on two screens at one time. The premium plan offers everything the Basic and Standard plans offer but you can stream in both HD and Ultra HD as well as stream on 4 screens at one time.

Changing Your Netflix Payment Date

To change your Netflix payment date you need to cancel your current plan (or change to a basic plan as it’s the cheapest) and rejoin on the date you wish to make your payments. You need to explain to a member of the team that you wish to change the payment date, they will advise the best way for you to do this whether that is to change your payment plan to the cheapest option and then change it back on the date you wish to pay on or by cancelling your plan completely and then reopening your account on the date you wish to pay on. They will help organise this for you whichever option you choose.