How to Cancel Santander Credit Card

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Santander in the UK is a British bank with around 14 million customers. The Spanish banking company Santander Group owns Santander UK. It is one of the leading providers of personal financial services in the UK. One of their products that they offer to consumers is credit cards. There are several types of credit card with different levels of interest and monthly fees. When you enter a credit agreement with Santander, you have 14 days to withdraw. After that, you can voluntarily terminate the agreement, but you must pay off the remaining balance and added interest.

Santander Credit Card Cancellation Number

From the options on the list, press 2 for credit cards and then 4 for self-service and credit card transactions. Then you will have to type in your 16-digit credit card number. After this, you should be able to get through to Santander and choose to cancel your card. You must have already paid off the card or be ready to pay off the remaining balance. Santander cannot close your credit card if you still owe them, including trailing interest. You can ask them to put a pending closure block on the card, which means that you cannot use it and they will automatically close it up within 30 days of the balance becoming zero.

Cancel Santander Credit Card Online

There is no straightforward way of cancelling your Santander credit card online, because you need to discuss it with the bank first. You can send secure messages to Santander when you log into your Online Banking account. Use this method to let them know if you no longer want your credit card. They can suggest alternative products or explain how it will work if you decide to close your account. You can check your statements yourself in your Online Banking account to see how much you will need to pay. It would be better to try to pay off the balance before you contact Santander to cancel it, so that all you will need to worry about is paying residual interest then cancelling.

Other Ways to Cancel Santander Credit Cards

If you would like to officially cancel your credit card in writing, then you can send a letter to Santander. The address is Santander UK plc, PO Box 983, Bradford, BD1 9FE. You should include the details of your credit card account and notify them that you want to terminate the agreement. It would be best to do this after clearing the balance to zero. Santander will then issue a final credit card bill. After you pay this off, they will close your credit card for you. If you would like to discuss cancelling your credit card in person, then you can go to a Santander branch. You may have to make an appointment. You will need to bring your credit card, statements, and a form of photographic ID with you.