How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

The online streaming service Netflix might very well take up more time deciding on what to watch, rather than actually watching a TV programme or film, so cancelling your subscription might be the answer for you. But how exactly do you cancel Netflix?

Cancelling Netflix is actually really simple, the streaming service have made it actually quite easy to end the subscription across a number of devices – probably because they know we’ll be lost without it and clamouring to go back to binge watching our favourite TV series.

The great thing is, as you’ll see below, even when you do cancel the service, they store your viewing habits for 10 months, so you can sign back up and anything you’ve watched, are half way through watching, will still be there. Thank you, Netflix.

The on-demand service is currently available through a number of devices, including internet connected TVs, game consoles, mobile and tablet devices, MACs and PCs, and through your TiVo box with Virgin too.

Why you might want to cancel Netflix

Netflix used to use a grandfathered pricing tier, which stopped older subscribers’ prices increasing, but since this has stopped there is little reason why you might want to cancel Netflix.

It all comes down to the content they have, whether you think the movies, TV shows and documentaries are worth your month. Netflix have invested huge amounts of money in creating their own original content and buying the rights to specific films that you might very well want to watch.

Ensure you take a look at what’s coming to Netflix soon before you cancel, as you might find that your subscription could go up if you cancel and then go back.

How to cancel Netflix

Netflix have made it really simple and easy to cancel your subscription, see below how to do it across a series of devices.

Cancelling through your computer

You can use your computer to easily cancel your Netflix account, follow our step-by-step instructions below, which are illustrated with screenshots to help guide you through the process. Simply start your computer, wait for it to load and choose the internet browser to enter in the Netflix URL,

1. Netflix browser

Once you’ve entered in the Netflix URL you’ll be taken to this page where you can sign into your account. Simply click the red Sign In button in the top right hand corner.

2. Sign in

It’ll next take you to this page where you can enter in your login detail, your email address and password.

3. Netflix homepage

After this you’ll be redirected to the Netflix homepage.

4. Toolbar

Locate the toolbar, simply hover the mouse over the user icon in the top right hand corner and the below drop down menu will appear. Click the Account option.

5. Netflix account

From this you’ll be directed to your Account page. Here you’ll be able to change your account details, like password, email and payment options. YOu can also redeem gift cards and promo codes. It’s also possible to manage your settings and the profiles on your account through this page.

To cancel your Netflix subscription, simply click the Cancel Membershop button which is under the heading Membership and Billing.

6. Cancel your membership

Once you click the button you’ll be redirected to this page which is just a double confirmation that you really want to cancel your membership – to do so click the button.

The information tells you when your cancellation will be effective from – allowing you to work out when your final bill will be.

It also informs you that you can restart your membership at any time, and you have 10 months before your viewing preferences are wiped from the system.

Cancelling Netflix through your iPhone

1. Load your Netflix app

Click the icon on your home screen to load the Netflix app, chances are you’re already signed in. If not this will be the homepage you see. Click the button in the top right hand corner to sign in.


2. Sign in

Enter your email address and passord to sign into your account if you aren’t already.


3. Choose your user

The likelihood is you have multiple users on your account, so choose your own to get further into the app.

4. Download page

You might see this page after you’ve chosen your account if you haven’t logged into the app in a while. It’s just a notification to show that you can now download certain programmes and films to watch on the go when you aren’t connected to any internet. There is a specific section you can browse downloadable items, and it’s important to know that you will need sufficient memory on your phone to be able to download.

5. Netflix homepage

After this you’re on your Netflix home page. You need to click the three lines icon on the top of the left hand side to access the toolbar.

6. Toolbar

The navigation toolbar will appear and here you can choose to browse specific categories, whether it’s romantic films, thrillers, horror, comedy etc. Scroll to the bottom of the toolbar to locate the Account tab and click on that to enter your Netflix account page.

7. Netflix account

You’ll now to transferred to the Firefox browser to your Netflix account where you can change your password, email, redeem Netflix vouchers, update your plan and cancel your subscription.


8. Cancel membership

Scroll down the page a little to locate the Cancel Membership button, click the button.

9. Finish Cancellation

Once you click the Cancel Membership button you”ll be directed to this page which explains when your cancellation will be effective. It also explains that you can restart your membership at anytime, and your viewing preferences will be saved for 10 months.

If you choose to cancel Netflix, click the blue Finish Cancellation button.

Cancelling Netflix on your iPad

1. Open your app

Open the Netflix app on your iPad and choose the right user.


2. Netflix homepage

Here you’ll be taken to the Netflix homepage, where you can loacte the toolbar tab in the top left hand corner, it’s the three lines icon.

3. Toolbar

Here you’ll see the toolbar where you can locate any downloads you have, your list, as well as browse by category. Towards the bottom of the list you’ll see the words Account, click this to go through to your account information.

4. Account

Once you’ve clicked on the Account, you’ll be transerfed to a web browser to access your account information, which includes your email, password and payment details. It’s easy enough to change any information on your account as and when you wish.

You’ll also find infomration on your plan details here, which you can change as you wish. Increasing plan options will increase your monthly cost though.

Click on the Cancel Membership button, to end your membership to Netflix.


5. Cancel Membership

After clicking the Cancel Membership button you go to this page, this is just a double step to confirm your cancellation and ensure you didn’t click the button on accident. Use the blue button Finish Cancellation to completely withdraw your Netflix subscription

Cancelling Netflix on Android

1. Login into your Netflix app

Login into your Netflix app and chose the user to find the Netflix homepage like below.


2. Your account

In the top left hand corner you’ll find a small icon of three lines, click this to locate the toolbar, which you’ll see below. Scroll down to locate the Account tab, under App Settings.

3. Cancel Subscription

Here you’ll be transfered to your browser to access your Account. Scroll down and click the Cancel Subscription button.


5. Finish cancellation

You’ll be prompted to click another button to Finish Cancellation, this ensures that you haven’t pressed the button on accident.

Cancel Netflix through iTunes

If you have created your Netflix account with Apple TV or the Netflix app via iTunes and are billed through an iTunes account, it is possible to cancel your account through iTunes.

To cancel your iTunes Netflix Direct Debit, click Settings on the home screen.

Scroll down and find the iTunes & App Store tab like below.


Once you’re through into this, click on your Apple ID.

A pop-up will then appear, like below. Click on View Apple ID.

You’re then directed to this page, click on the Subscriptions tab. In here you’ll find any subscriptions such as Netflix for Apple Music. Click on the Netflix tab and follow the instructions to cancel your membership.

Please note that you cannot currently cancel iTunes billing for Netflix through your Apple TV.



Cancelling through BT

If you created your account through BT, and are being billed through BT, you will need to contact BT support. You can get in touch with them through

Alternatives to Netflix

If you really are done with Netflix and all it has to offer, then you might want to consider some of the alternatives to the streaming service.

You can always use the channel apps like ITV Player, All 4, BBC iPlayer, as these typically have a wide and varied back catalogue. Not only can you catch up on shows that have recently aired on these channels, but you can also access some select series that have previously aired on the channels.

The BBC iPlayer app is admittedly a little more restrictive and things are moved quite quickly from there to the BBC iStore, so you can buy previously aired shows. But the other channels have a great selection of shows you can binge watch your way through.

The other paying options also available to you are NOW TV and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

NOW TV are a no-contract option to watching standout TV programmes like Game of Thrones, but without the need for a subscription to Sky. You can also get day passes for the Sky Sports channels, which are particularly handy if you want to watch a certain game or sports event.

NOW TV has certain bands, and will increase the more options you include, like Movies and Sports. But you can try them out for 14 days without paying if you wanted to give that a go.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is another alternative to Netflix. You can pay this off for the full year, or pay monthly at an increased cost too. With Amazon Prime Instant Video you have access to numerous TV shows and films, you also gain free next day delivery when shopping on Amazon. As well as this, you have early access and exclusive offers for Amazon Prime Day where there are huge savings to be made across the site.