How to Cancel Admiral Car Insurance

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Admiral is a trading name for EUI Limited. It is a car insurance specialist under the Admiral Group, which operates other online car insurance brands like Admiral Car Insurance has over 4 million customers. It offers a variety of policy types, including MultiCar and black box insurance. Admiral also offers short-term car insurance cover under their Veygo brand. They are one of the companies with a reputation for charging high cancellation fees. You can cancel an Admiral Car Insurance policy for free when it is due for automatic renewal. Otherwise, you have to pay an early exit fee. Read this guide to find out which options are available for cancelling Admiral car insurance.

Cancel Admiral Car Insurance Phone Number

Press 2 to discuss or change an existing policy. Then press 3 to discuss cancelling your policy. If you are not calling from the telephone number associated with your policy, then you will need to enter the phone number from your policy details using the keypad and then press the # key. If your policy is due for renewal, then press 1 at the first stage. When you get through to a person at Admiral, explain that you want to cancel your car insurance. They will tell you how much you will have to pay to terminate your contract mid-term. You can decide to go ahead and cancel it or wait for renewal.

Cancel Admiral Car Insurance Online

Before you cancel your car insurance, you might want to read through your policy documents yourself. You can find Admiral’s car insurance policy documents online here. However, you will have to log in to your account to be able to view them. They should tell you the exact terms if you cancel your specific policy type early. If you are certain that you want to cancel your Admiral car insurance, then you can do it through your account. Go into the management section, which is where you can make changes to your policy. Select “Cancellation” as the policy amendment type.

You will then have to choose between cancelling an ongoing policy or cancelling a renewal. If you do not actively cancel the renewal, your policy will renew automatically with a newer and potentially higher quote. Remember that cancelling an upcoming renewal is free, whereas cancelling at any other time will incur a fee. You will need to be prepared to pay a lump sum. If you’ve made a claim, then you will have to pay the total annual cost for your policy.

Admiral Car Insurance Cancellation Fee

When you cancel your policy, you will need to have paid enough to cover the period that Admiral has been insuring your vehicle for. On top of this, Admiral will charge a cancellation fee to cover administrative costs. This amount will depend on when you are cancelling your car insurance and which type of policy it is. It is cheaper to cancel in the first 14 days as this is a cooling off period. After this and up until renewal there will be a higher cancellation fee.

Admiral Cancellation Fees Within 14 Days


Car Insurance Cancellation – £25

LittleBox Cancellation (after unit installation) – £125


Admiral Cancellation Fees After 14 Days


Car Insurance Cancellation – £49.50

LittleBox Cancellation (after unit installation) – £149.50

Per Policy Upgrade* – £5


* Policy upgrades are the optional additions to the standard Admiral car insurance cover, which include Breakdown Cover, Personal Injury Cover, Hire Vehicle Cover, Motor Legal Protection, Keycare Cover, and the Bonus Accelerator.