How To Get The Best Disney Holiday Deals

If you’re looking to surprise your loved ones with a Disney Holiday this Christmas but you’re worried about the cost you can follow the guide below to learn how to get the best Disney Holiday deals.

disney holiday deals

Check What’s On

Each year Disney hold different events, shows and festivals throughout the year. Sometimes if you book early enough you can get great deals for the dates the events are on. It’s also good to check what’s on before you book because if you spot something that you really want to see you can plan your trip around it and make sure you’re there for those dates.

Explore The Different Packages Available

Disney and other sites offer great holiday packages that usually include accommodation, ticket prices and sometimes food as well. If you’re thinking about booking a package it is important to make sure the package is worth the money. To check if the package is a good deal compare it to other packages which include the same or similar things and check how much it would be to get the things included in the package individually. If the package is cheaper than other packages and it is cheaper than all of the things included individually it is best to grab the deal whilst you still can!

Look Around

Don’t only look at the official Disney Holiday and resort websites, you may be able to find a better deal on another website. Some well-known travel companies offer exclusive Disney holiday deals such as Thomas Cook, TUI and Virgin Holidays. May sure you check what’s on the market before booking your stay as you may be able to stay hundreds of pounds on your accommodation, food and resort passes.

Weigh Your Options

If you or your loved ones aren’t too fussed about staying in the Disney Hotels you should look at other places to stay that are nearby that are cheaper than the Disney Hotels as they can get really pricey. Take into consideration the cost of transport to the resort each day, if it would cost more to stay outside of the Disney Hotels and travelling in each day you’re best just staying in one of the Disney Hotels. You should also take your meals into consideration when booking accommodation as Disney often offer deals when booking your room, at the moment they have a deal on their website for free dining for the whole family which could save you £532 per adult!

Check Different Dates

If you have a more flexible working schedule you should consider exploring lots of different dates as some dates will cost more such as close to holidays such as Christmas or during the summer school break. Obviously, if you’re bringing your kids you are limited to the school term dates but make sure you check all the different dates as soon as possible and book the cheapest dates.