The Best Bath Bomb Brands in the UK

Bath bombs are a staple in most self-care regimens these days. The rise of the bath bomb as a beauty and body product and not just a fun distraction for kids has been meteoric over the last five years in particular. Bath bombs partially owe their popularity to the photogenic bath art that they can create, but the stress of modern living also contributes to bath time being promoted as a contemporary luxury. Whichever way you look at it, bath bombs are a simple indulgence which make the perfect easy gift for any occasion. Provided that the recipient has access to a bath, and you take into account any allergies or skin sensitivities they have, you can’t go wrong with a bath bomb.

The Best Places to Buy Bath Bombs

You can usually find bath bombs in any shop that sells toiletries. However, even if they’re cheaper than branded bath bombs elsewhere, they’re often not very unique. The brands below create special bath bombs ideal for gifts.


It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of the ethical beauty brand Lush in 2019. They are the number one retailer for quirky bath bombs with a variety of natural ingredients. One of the co-founders of the company, Mo Constantine, actually invented bath bombs back in 1989. As the original trendsetter, Lush has one of the widest ranges of bath bombs out there. They often release limited edition seasonal bombs, and all of their products have punny names.

The Body Shop

Another mainstream ethical beauty retailer is The Body Shop, which promotes natural ingredients and protests against animal cruelty. In addition to their huge offering of skincare and body products, they sell cheap small bath bombs and bath bubbles. The regular year-round options include fruity and floral scents, but they also bring out special seasonal ones around Christmas. Their bath-time treats range also includes bath foam and bubble bath.

Bomb Cosmetics

Another popular maker of bath bombs is the aptly named Bomb Cosmetics (though they market their bath bombs as bath blasters instead). Like Lush, their bath bombs feature a variety of cute decorations and pun-filled product names. They also offer seasonal scents and uniquely-shaped bath bombs, but they sell all of these for lower prices than Lush. Lots of their designs are child-friendly too. Many retailers stock their products, from Amazon to Studio.

I Heart Revolution

Revolution is a popular make-up brand due to its wide range of quality products at affordable prices. You may not be aware that they also offer bath bombs as part of their I Heart Revolution range. They have a delectable-looking range of bath fizzers in various food shapes and scents. This includes doughnuts and chocolate bars in multiple colours, plus other items such as coffee, pizza, and fruit. These are very affordable and available from Superdrug.

Soap & Glory

A high-street-friendly bath and body brand with a higher price tag is Soap & Glory. Although they do offer a lot of products, their bath bomb products are very limited. They are worth a mention, however, because of the quality of Soap & Glory products. Their trademarked Fizz-a-Balls come in 3 scents: rose and bergamot, sweet vanilla musk, and lime zest (to match their Sugar Crush product line). Soap & Glory products are available in every Boots store.

Pretty Suds

Though their line of bath bombs is limited, Pretty Suds makes fun family-friendly bath bombs that have actually been picked up for sale by mainstream retailers like Boots. They offer seasonal shapes such as candy canes and snowflakes, or traditional simple spheres with several colours and scents packed into each one. They are a little cheaper than more expensive brands like Lush, but probably not the best value or most attractive options out there.

Beauty Kitchen

Another natural and sustainable beauty brand which offers bath bombs is Beauty Kitchen. They are simple and classic bath bombs in single colours with soothing scents like mint or lemonade. Their products are also stocked by retailers like Holland & Barrett. The unique element of Beauty Kitchen is that they offer baby bath bombs and a Create Your Own Bath Bomb Kit for anyone who enjoys the science behind bath bombs and wants to make one.

Soul and Soap

A lesser-known UK bath bomb brand is Soul and Soap. They create vegan paraben-free bath bombs in a range of bright colours, fun shapes, and natural sweet scents. At £2.99 for the more simple designs and up to £5.99 for the more intricate special editions or extra-large bath bombs, this brand is very fairly-priced and affordable. Macarons, doughnuts, and ice cream sandwiches are among the variety of bath bomb shapes available from Soul and Soap.

The Yorkshire Soap Company

The Yorkshire Soap Company is a UK business which sells their own creations alongside other brands, including the afore-mentioned Bomb Cosmetics. Their own bath bombs are very simple in appearance but nonetheless invigorating, with scents such as Yorkshire Rose or a Yorkshire meadow. The real star product is their Bath Bon Bons, which are jars of mini bath bombs that look like cute jars of sweets (or a magical creature’s droppings…).


Another small UK business based in the Yorkshire area is Scentiments. Their beautiful bath bombs are affordably priced from £2.50 to £3. They are all the traditional bath bomb shape, but they offer a huge range of colours and scents. Strawberry pavlova, parma violets, blue slushie, cola bottles, cherry bakewell, and toffee fudge are just a few of their nostalgic good-enough-to-eat fragrances to choose from. They also offer egg-shaped bath bombs.

Heavenly Bubbles

Christmas? Halloween? Weddings? Birthdays? Any gifting occasion, including gifts for children, can be quickly sorted with the bath bombs from Heavenly Bubbles. From gingerbread men to mermaid tails, aliens to sharks, unicorns to rockets, there are plenty of fun shapes and pretty glittery options. Some of their bath bombs have rubber ducks perched on top or small removable pop-up toys, making them ideal for younger bath bomb users.


Another affordable seller of artisan bath bomb products is the family-run Fizzylicious, based in County Durham. They have a range of a whopping 87 creative bath bombs ranging from £2.99 to £6.99 in price. Baby showers, romance, vacations, birthdays, Christmas, any other cause for celebration, or just your favourite food or animal – Fizzylicious has it in bath bomb form. There are so many adorable and colourful designs you can choose from.

Rebel N Rose

Yet another beauty business that originates in Yorkshire is Rebel N Rose. This brand is proudly vegan and cruelty-free as well as free from Sodium Laurel Sulphate. Even their packaging is sustainably sourced. The indulgent and beautifully crafted bath bombs are available for £3 – £4.25 each. They offer flexible payment plans for bath bombs so they’re even more affordable. The range includes a rainbow stripe bath bomb and a colour-changing bath bomb.


At the higher end of the bath bomb price scale are AromaBombs from the AromaWorks bath and body brand. A single bath bomb sells for £10, or you can get a duo set for £14.99 or a quad for £29.99. These luxury bath bombs are more of an investment for the therapeutic benefits of their pure essential oils. They all feature Himalayan sea salt, but the limited collection of scents includes bergamot, juniper berry, sandalwood, lavender, neroli, and lime.


Finally, these bath bombs are focused more on the concealed object within them than the qualities of the actual bath bomb. The Hidden Jewellery Bath Bomb from Firebox is an ordinary-looking bath bomb that contains a piece of jewellery that could be worth up to £2,000. If you are giving a romantic gift to someone that you love, this could be two in one. The 3 available scents are cherry and mango, rose and ylang-ylang, or lemon, jasmine, and lavender.