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BBC Superfactors

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BBC Superfactors is a Lancashire based company selling car parts. It has been established for over 25 years and they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and care.

About BBC Superfactors

BBC Superfactors is based in Accrington and also has branches in Blackburn, Clitheroe and Chorley. They specialise in delivering car parts to local garages in the area and has also established relationships with global providers such as Bosch, LUK, Mann Fitter and NGK over the years. BBC Superfactors now employs over 100 staff which is a huge progression from the two men they employed when the business first started out. Despite its successes, BBC Superfactors is still very much a family run business and has strong family values.

BBC Superfactors Suppliers

You might be considering purchasing a product from BBC Superfactors and would like to know who supplies to them. If you are unsure you can ask for a full list of suppliers and ask for any extra information that you might need about a particular one. If you call this number you can also have the opportunity to become a BBC Superfactor supplier, simply request to discuss this opportunity with the customer assistance on the phone.

BBC Superfactors Careers

When you call the careers helpline you will be put through to a friendly, efficient and enthusiastic member of the recruitment team who will answer any questions you have about any of BBC Superfactor’s current positions. If you aren’t sure what is available to you then the careers advisor will ask you a little about yourself and your qualifications and find a position (if there are any available) that will suit you most. They will then give you information about how to apply for the position and when you can expect to hear back.

BBC Superfactors Branches

Once the operator is clear about which branch you are trying to reach they will put you straight through to the relevant shop where you will be able to speak to an employee in that particular area. If you are looking for your nearest BBC Superfactors branch you can ask the call operator. Please state your postcode and they will be able to look this up for you. BBC Superfactors has a total of seven branches and you can also find the full addresses of these on the BBC Superfactors website.

BBC Superfactors Products

This number is available for anyone that would like a little more information about the type of products that are supplied by BBC Superfactors. All products available from BBC Superfactors are listed on their website so it might be that you have had a look on the website and are ringing to ask for further details about a specific product (please state which one if this is the case). This line is always operated by experts in the product field so you can trust that when you ring you will be receiving the best possible advice on which products to purchase. If you would like to purchase a product over the phone, you will be asked for your name, address and card details. You will then be told how long you can expect to wait for your product based on the delivery option you have chosen and paid for. Please note that this is a secure service and your sensitive data is handled with total care.

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