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Opening Times for AutoSaint

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 8.30pm
Tuesday 9am 8.30pm
Wednesday 9am 8.30pm
Thursday 9am 8.30
Friday 9am 8.30pm
Saturday 9am 4pm
Sunday - -
Autosaint Insurance,
Burnt Meadow Rd,
B98 9PA

AutoSaint is a car insurance company for young people that launched in 2010. Auto Saint installs a black box into newly qualified and young drivers cars to track their road safety to give the best competitive insurance prices. AutoSaint believes that they should provide great value insurance as well as amazing customer services for its customers, working closely with some of the biggest insurance companies in the UK such as Aviva to create the best cover possible as well as claims management, excess protection, key cover and breakdown cover.  If you would like to know more about Autosaint or have some questions about the history of the company please call the customer services department.

Department Opening Hours
Customer Services Monday – Friday
Quotes Monday – Friday
Parents Monday – Friday
Claims Monday – Friday
Professional Fitting Monday – Friday

Customer Services

If you are struggling to navigate the website, you are unsure of how AutoSaint works or you have come across a problem, please call to speak to a member of the AutoSaint customer service team. The AutoSaint customer services team are very helpful and will be able to answer any questions you may have about your insurance policies or any other questions you may have. AutoSaint have over 200 members of staff who are all prepared to help you with anything you are struggling with, they want to treat you as an individual and cater to your individual needs.


If you would like a quote for your insurance cover please call to speak to a member of the quote team. When calling the quote team please be prepared with this information to speed up the quoting process: your title, full name, date of birth, email, if you have ever had a policy cancelled by insurer or broker, if you have ever been refused insurance by broker or insurer, your car registration number, the value of your car, whether you purchased the car, whether the proper will be the registered keeper and owner of the car, whether your is car left-hand drive,  how many seats the car has, what type of alarm your car has, what type of immobiliser your car has, if your car has an active tracker fitted, whether your car has been modified in any way from the factory standard, details of the cover you require and payment type. You can also call the quote team to retrieve a previous quote, you will need to provide your postcode and web reference number, You can also complete the quote online for free on their website.


AutoSaint understands that being the parent of a young driver can be worrying at times, this is why AutoSaint find it so important to have a telematics box fitted into your child’s vehicle allowing you to track their driving behaviour. Not only is it great for you, it also means they get cheaper insurance than non-telematics policies. Certain policies allow parents to log into their child’s dashboard so they can keep an eye on how safe their children are driving, giving you peace of mind. If you have some questions about the access you have to your child’s dashboard, some questions about your child’s driving or some general enquiries please call to speak to a member of the parent enquiry team from AutoSaint customer services.


If you have been in an accident you need to make a note of the date, time, location, weather conditions, traffic conditions, road markings/signs/signals, the make, model, colour, condition and registration of your car and the other car as well as registration, estimated speed, direction, use of indicators/lights and the number of passengers. You then need to retrieve the contact details of the other driver and a description of the driver, passengers, other witnesses and any police officers involved. Also please note any damage to vehicle and injuries f you or your passengers, photographic evidence is always the best way to note a description so it is best you take photos of the scene of the accident and the other driver if possible, do not put yourself in danger to take these photos. Please call to contact the claims team about your accident, you will need to provide all information listed above as well as your contact and account details. If the car accident is serious and somebody is injured you are required to contact the police usually within 24 hours of the accident. If someone else is injured in the incident you are required to bring your certificate of insurance to the police station, if you did not have it with you when you originally attended the police station you will need to take it within 7 days of the accident. You are also obliged to report the incident at a police station if you vehicles presence was a factor in the accident.


Having a telematics box fitted into your car is a huge help to monitor how you are driving as well as offering huge discounts on your insurance. You can check your driving score on your online dashboard which will be given out of 100, this score will be calculated by your speed, acceleration, night driving scores (there is no curfew and your policy will not be affected by night driving) and braking, this dashboard will help you to improve certain aspects of your driving by making you aware of your problem areas. If after your 12-month policy you have proved yourself to be a safe driver you could save even more money on your renewal. Having a black box will also mean if your car gets stolen AutoSaint will be able to track and find your vehicle. The black box cannot be seen and is located underneath your dashboard. To talk to somebody about having a telematics box fitted, if you’re experiencing problems with your telematics box or you have some general questions about the telematics box or you would like to organise a professional fitting please call to talk to a member of the customer service team who will be able to help you with these questions.

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