Argos Returns and Refunds (2018 Guide)

Argos Returns and Refunds (2018 Guide)

Argos is one of the biggest high street retailers in the UK, with 29 million shop visitors and almost one billion online customers every year. The Argos catalogue is a staple for many British shoppers, especially around Christmas. The brand became a subsidiary of Sainsbury’s in 2016, meaning that many Argos shops had to close and move into a nearby Sainsbury’s store instead. This affects the ordering, delivery, and returns processes for Argos customers. It actually gives customers a few more options, which should make returns convenient. However, since there are so many ways to buy from Argos, you might be confused about returns. This guide is here to help you to get a refund.

Can I Return an Argos Product Even if it Isn’t Faulty?

Most items from Argos fall under their 30-day returns guarantee. This means that if you change your mind, you can return an item for a full refund within 30 days. This is subject to conditions, such as the return item being new and unused and you providing proof of purchase. When Argos receives the item, they will either refund the money onto the original payment method or offer an exchange. Please note that the item and any other items which came with it should be in their original packaging. If you order online, you have 14 days from receipt of the products to return them. Contact Argos to notify them that you are cancelling your order. Argos will not accept returns for some items, like food, jewellery, or large appliances, unless they are faulty. These usually have a dagger symbol (†) next to them.

Can I Return an Argos Product if There is Something Wrong?

If you are having any difficulties assembling or using your product, check first. There are user guides which can help you to troubleshoot issues. If the item is definitely faulty, you should return it to Argos. They will offer a repair, a replacement, or a refund if you return it within 30 days. If Argos damaged your product during delivery to your home, they will refund the item plus the delivery costs. For up to 12 months after purchase, you can take a faulty item to Argos for assessment. They may arrange a repair to fix it, offer a replacement, or refund some or all of the price you paid. After 6 months, you might have to prove that the item was faulty when you purchased it.

Can I Return Tu Clothing Items to Argos?

Tu is the clothing brand at Sainsbury’s, which is now available to buy through Argos as well. If you buy Tu products from Argos, then their 30-day returns guarantee applies. You can return the items for a full refund as long as they are in a re-sellable condition with intact tags and packaging. You must also provide proof of purchase. Return Tu products to Argos stores, as well as Sainsbury’s Collection Points, or send them back by post. Your order should come with a returns label for you to use. Argos will deduct the postage costs from your refund unless the item is faulty. Unfortunately, exchanges are not possible, and you cannot return certain items like jewellery or underwear.

Argos Returns and Refunds (2018 Guide)

Can I Return an Order to Any Argos Store?

If you collect a product instore, then you can return it to any Argos store. It does not have to be the same store. You can return items within 30 days to whichever Argos store you prefer, including stores inside Sainsbury’s. When you collect a product from a Sainsbury’s Collection Point, you can also return it there. You can also return small home delivery orders to any store. Products count as small items if they only require one person to carry them. For larger items, you will need to contact Argos to arrange a home collection. Some home delivery items will arrive with extra paperwork which explains how you should return them. Exchanges will depend on the stock at the particular store.

What Are All the Different Options For Argos Returns?

This table explains how to return a product, depending on the way you bought it.

Return to an Argos Store
Return to Argos in Sainsbury’s
Return to Sainsbury’s Collection Point
Argos Will Pick It Up
Return by Post (Delivery Note)
Return by CollectPlus (Contact Centre)
Collection (From Argos Store)
Collection (From Argos in Sainsbury’s)
Collection (Sainsbury’s Collection Point)
Home Delivery (Small Item)
Home Delivery (Large Item)
Postal Delivery
Tu Clothing (Collection or Delivery)

Can I Return Something to Argos From a Special Offer?

To get a refund from Argos, you need these three things: the item in its packaging, proof of purchase, and anything else that came with the item. This means that if you got any freebies, vouchers, or gift cards with the product, you need to return them as well. If you buy multiple products as part of a discounted offer, you must return all of them for a full refund. Otherwise, you will be charged full price for the item you return. For example, if there was a 2 for £10 offer on items costing £6 and you only returned one, then Argos would charge you £6 and only refund you the £4 difference. You no longer qualify for an offer if you return a part of it, so it is better to return everything together.

Argos Returns and Refunds (2018 Guide)

Can I Return Something to Argos Without a Receipt?

You cannot return something to Argos if you do not have proof of purchase. However, this does not mean that you need to have the original receipt. The most common form of proof of purchase is, of course, the receipt from the till or kiosk in the store. Argos will also accept your order number, the order confirmation e-mail, or even an e-receipt as proof of purchase. Failing that, you still have other options. It might make the process more difficult and slower, but Argos can still sort out a return if you don’t have any of those. Just provide the e-mail address you used when you ordered online, the payment card you used, or a copy of your bank statement showing the payment to Argos.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Refund From Argos?

When you return something to an Argos store, they will trigger your refund immediately. This can take 5-7 days for your bank to process if you paid by debit or credit card. If you paid with cash or a gift card, you will get the refund straight away by the same method. For returns any other way than instore, the refund will not begin to process until the item arrives back at the Argos warehouse. You should allow 14 days to receive a refund if you return via post, CollectPlus, home collection, or a Sainsbury’s Collection Point. If you return all of the items from a delivery order, then Argos will also refund the delivery charges. This only applies for returns within 30 days, excluding faulty items. Remember that Argos can reduce your refund if they think that you handled the item or its packaging excessively.

What If Argos Refuses to Refund Me?

Before you buy something from Argos, make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions. As mentioned, some items are excluded from the 30-days returns guarantee. These will be indicated on the Argos website or in the catalogue, so always check. You can only return these items if they are faulty. If you order online and pay upon collection, this also excludes your order from the returns guarantee. This is in the small print, which you need to read before ordering. You can try to return your item if there is a reason that it is not fit for purpose. Try a different store if one Argos store refuses a refund, as another might allow it. You can make a complaint to the Argos head office to chase a refund. Get advice from Trading Standards or escalate to the European Online Dispute Resolution.