Argos Home Delivery Late – What To Do

If your Argos home delivery hasn’t arrived yet, arrived late or didn’t arrive at all even though it says online that it has been delivered you can follow this guide to find out what you need to do to complain about the late delivery or inquire about where the delivery is

Track your Argos delivery

The first thing you need to do when you think your Argos delivery is late is go to the tracking page on the Argos website. You need to enter your order number, billing postcode and surname. You will then be told the progress of your home delivery, whether it has been dispatched, is in transit or if it has been delivered. Once you know what your package is marked as you can carry on with the necessary action.

Late Argos home delivery

You need to inform the team member that you were expecting your package to be delivered on an earlier date to what it was actually delivered on. They will investigate the reason for this and possibly refund any delivery charges if they feel it is necessary.

Lost Argos home delivery

If you checked your delivery status on the Argos website and it says your package has been delivered when it has not been delivered to your home or your neighbours home you also need to call Argos to report this. They will investigate with their delivery drivers regarding where the package was delivered to and if infact it had been delivered at all or whether the online service is showing the status. If your package has been lost you will receive a full refund including your delivery charges, you will be able to re-order the items if you would still like them.

If your Argos delivery hasn’t arrived yet

If you checked the status of your delivery online and it still stays in-transit after the date you were supposed to receive the items you need to call the Argos team. Once on the phone to the team you need to inquire about where your package is and when you will be receiving it. You should be able to get a more detailed description of where your package is on the phone to Argos. If you are unhappy about the late delivery you can ask for a refund of the delivery price.