Aqua Credit Card Lost Card

Aqua has been offering their Mastercards to people with poor credit since 2002. An Aqua card is a popular choice for those who need a credit card but might not be able to get one from a mainstream lender. They offer four types of Aqua card: Start, Classic, Advance, and Reward. All of their cards are underwritten by the credit provider NewDay Ltd. These cards usually come with high rates of interest, though each type has its own perks. Losing any type of financial card can be stressful, but especially a credit card when your rating and repayments are at risk. You should not panic if you cannot find your Aqua card, even if you know it has been stolen. Follow this guide here to resolve it.

Report Lost Aqua Credit Card

You need to contact Aqua and report a lost credit card as soon as you realize that it is definitely missing. If it is near to your monthly due date then it could affect your repayments. You risk having to pay £12 for making a late payment or going over your credit limit. This will be on top of having to pay back any extra credit! The sooner you report it, the sooner Aqua can block your card to stop anyone else from trying to use it fraudulently. You should monitor your account online closely to identify any transactions that you did not authorize. Then report these to Aqua so that they do not hold you responsible for such damaging activity. You can report issues to Aqua 24/7.

Aqua Credit Card Lost Card Number

The fastest way to report your lost card to Aqua is to call them on the phone. The Aqua team is available to assist customers around the clock, seven days a week. This will explain their self-service system to you and allow you to progress through the options by either speaking or typing on the phone keypad. To begin with, it will ask you to either say or enter your Aqua credit card number or account number. If you do not want to go through the self-service system, do not do anything. It will ask you again, then transfer you to an adviser if you do not respond. This will allow you to speak to a person at Aqua as soon as the next adviser is available. Explain what is happening regarding the loss of your card and they will cancel it for you.

Aqua Credit Card Replacement Card

Obviously, you will still need a credit card and to continue paying off your balance with Aqua. Though they will block your lost card, they will have to issue a new one with different numbers. Unfortunately, you might have to wait until Aqua produces your next statement before they can issue a replacement card. This could cause some hassle in the meantime, but Aqua will do their best to sort things out for you. It is best to smooth out any issues with your card activity before you continue to use your account, in any case. You may be unable to make payments to or from your Aqua credit card account, so ask for advice concerning your outgoings and repayments, including any direct debits.