American Express Lost Card UK Guide

American Express, or Amex for short, is an international financial corporation originating in the USA in 1850. It is one of the world’s most valuable brands and the top brand in the financial sector. The logo for the company is a centurion, which appears in the centre of all American Express cards. There are several types of credit cards for consumers. Outside of America, not all merchants accept payments with American Express. However, it is still a popular card provider because of the rewards it offers to cardholders. There is also a global support network for using the cards if the cardholder is travelling. If you lose your American Express card, this is what you need to do.

Report Lost American Express Card UK

It is important to report problems with your card to American Express as soon as you become aware of them. Even if you haven’t lost your card, you should regularly check your statement for unusual activity. If you notice something that you don’t recognize, report this suspicious transaction to American Express. You can dispute a charge at any time. If you have lost your card, then you should do this when you report the lost card to American Express. If it was stolen or not, you need to protect yourself against theft and identity fraud. You can do this by calling the number on your American Express card. Obviously, if your card is missing, then you might not have this phone number to hand.

American Express Lost Card Number UK

Their speech recognition service will prompt you to say the reason for your call, such as “lost or stolen card”. Or you can wait for the list of numbered options and then press 1. If you remember your card number and can provide it, then press 1 again. Otherwise, press 2. When you get through to an American Express UK adviser, explain what has happened to your card. They will immediately cancel your American Express card and send a new one in the post to your address. You should receive a replacement American Express card within 48 hours, or 2 working days.

American Express Replacement Card UK

Other than calling American Express on the phone, you can order a replacement card online by yourself. Whether it is stolen, lost, or just damaged, all you have to do is log into your Online Services Account. In the navigation bar, you should click on “Account Management” and go to the “Card Management” section. You should then select “Order a replacement Card for damaged, lost or stolen Cards” from the options in this section. Completing this form notifies American Express that they need to cancel your current card and send a new one as quickly as possible. However, you can still use your card in your digital wallet while you wait if you registered it with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay. Otherwise, you will have to call American Express or wait for your physical card before you can make payments or withdraw cash from an ATM (if your card was activated for cash access, which you have to apply for).